Atex launches universal ad server integration

communiqué de presse - press release

“15 December 2010 - Reading, UK— Atex announces the release of Ad Server Integration (ASI), a new Atex Advertising module that streamlines the entire online advertising workflow for media companies. Atex ASI integrates with all major ad serving systems including Dart For Publishers (DFP), Yahoo APT, Open AdStream (OAS) and BLOOM AdGear, to give media companies one source to access customer, billing, order entry, and statistical information.

Atex ASI synchronizes information between ad serving platforms and the Atex Advertising system. This allows salespeople to spend more time designing effective multi-channel campaigns and less time entering orders into multiple systems. This translates into increased efficiency and greater accuracy to help increase the bottom line for publishers. Full end-to-end integration also provides the choice of workflows and powerful built-in administration tools make it easier to set up and synchronize campaign, targeting and delivery channel entities.

Advertising salespeople will appreciate how Atex ASI allows the sharing of timely and accurate statistics with their customers. Gone are the days when ad campaign performance cannot be analyzed until after a campaign has finished. Atex ASI tracks the effectiveness of each banner ad while the campaign is running, so underperforming ads can be corrected earlier in the process, which leads to greater customer service and satisfaction.

Having all order-entry in the same system allows media companies to bundle online campaigns with print, online and broadcast ads. With Atex ASI, media companies can become the hub of the multichannel advertising engine. Advertisers can determine what audiences they want to reach, and what media combination will be most successful.
Atex ASI gives publishers complete control of the ad serving process, from customer relationship management to booking and billing,” said Lars Jiborn, Atex Advertising Global Product Manager. “With the ASI module in our product portfolio, we are reinforcing the Atex position as a one-stop-shop for all print and digital ad campaigns, including emerging channels like Facebook, Twitter, and mobile media platforms.”

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