Juan Calvo, Soloimprenta : "We see this moment as a big opportunity to think about the value that we really give to our clients, an opportunity to reinvent ourselves again. "

Online Printing is not just for big multinational companies. Locally, in every country, it’s possible to create an online activity. In Spain, Soloimprenta is a great example of how to build an online presence. I’ve interviewed Juan Calvo, CEO at Soloimprenta, about how his company faced the Covid-crisis, and how they’re supporting SMEs and shops for the restarting of the spanish economy.

Hi Juan, how did SOLOIMPRENTA crossed the lockdown period?

In March we met with the entire SOLOIMPRENTA team and explained the situation of the company and what our forecasts were for the coming years. We established our income and expense forecasts in a time horizon of 2 to 3 years. We decided to go to bank financing sources to raise liquidity that would allow us to pay our suppliers, employees and allocate a part to cover our future expenses. In this way we can be focused on the business.We have destined an important part of this liquidity to develop a marketing plan to reconnect with our clients and increase recruitment. I am very happy to have protected the jobs of our staff and we plan to incorporate the company into a CMO that will help us enhance marketing, it is an incorporation that It makes us quite optimistic about SOLOIMPRENTA's future. We see this moment as a big opportunity to think about the value that we really give to our clients, an opportunity to reinvent ourselves again. We have changed our corporate image for an image brand more powerful and recognizable, we increase the marketing budget because it's an opportunity to understand that change is the only constant and we want to get out more strengthened from this situation.

As José Carlos Cortizo, CMO & Partner of the Company Growth Hacking Product Hackers and one of the people who knows most about ecommerce, in these moments we have nothing to lose and much to gain. We want to position ourselves as the printing press where customers identify with our values of SERIOUSNESS, DEAL CLOSE TO THE CUSTOMER AND COMMITMENT.

What is the objective of this new campaign ?

This campaign is a clear commitment to highlight the importance of local businesses in our day to day. Also its role as an engine of economic recovery that it is starting. And it does so by resorting to a very simple truth: the corner bar, the hairdresser, the hardware store, the shoe store, the grocery... are places full of human stories. Stories that have built the neighborhoods of our cities and towns. We search on the one hand the complicity of the final consumer, recover the relationship and strengthen the economy through local purchases. On the other, spur small business to go outside, open its doors to the public and reach the buyer, the usual and who still does not know us.

And this is the core of the campaign: this is not just a bar, this is not just a hair salon, this is not just a bookstore. Now they are sensations, memories of what we were and of the little things that made us enjoy. This is really what Soloimprenta already communicates: that behind the most common things there are personal, unique and very exciting stories.

In this way, Soloimprenta wants to be the ideal partner, offering with its printing products a quality option, supports and formats on which to innovate and be original, surprise and attract the attention of the buyer.

How do you think Soloimprenta may help retailers and SME’s recover after lockdown ?

Because we are sure that they are the engine of the economy, small-sized companies that the sooner they go back the sooner the economy can recover. In Spain 95% of companies are small in size, from 1 to 10 employees and we want to send a message of encouragement and let them know that SOLOIMPRENTA is here to help them in everything they need to reopen their doors.


What’s your vision of the online printing market after Covid ?

In my opinion, it will take 2-3 years to return to the pre-crisis levels of Covid. In the printing sector, many will unfortunately disappear, a suffering of employees that we do not want and regret very much, but in all crises some disappear and others will be more strengthened. In Spain this situation has accelerated the online market in general, many buyers have decided to buy online in sectors such as food, pharmacy and large marketplaces. That trust will be transferred to the rest of the e-commerce and there will be an increase in online purchases that will benefit all those sectors that are well positioned. We are sure that SOLOIMPRENTA will be strengthened, we believe that paper will be an element that will not disappear in the short term, we will have events again and fill the gap that other printers left by not being able to overcome this crisis.

With our current structure and our position in the Spanish market, we will have no problem holding on for those 2 to 3 years, and that gives us and our team peace of mind, allowing us to be totally focused on the business.

We want to increase sales by promoting marketing, we are committed to personalization and automation, we launch new paid media campaigns, we close collaboration agreements with new partners. We will soon launching  a campaign together with Biocryptology, a secure payment solution that all our clients will benefit from.


Thank you Juan for this interview. You can discover the new video clip of Soloimprenta on https://youtu.be/CUhvlUzqRto