Benelux Online Print Event Flex : bénéficiez de 50€ de réduction pour votre inscription à cet évènement dédié à l'imprimerie en ligne

Pendant 3 jours, du 9 au 11 février prochains, l’association des imprimeurs belges VIGC organise avec Four Pees un évènement virtuel consacré à l’imprimerie en ligne. Baptisé BOPE FLEX, cet évènement comportera des ateliers animé par des « pointures » du secteur comme Bernd Zipper qu’on ne présente plus, Haico Meijerink de Drukwerkdeal, Oliver Kray de MyPostcard…
La participation à ce évènement est de 149 € pour les 3 journées, mais grâce à mon blog, vous pouvez bénéficier de 50€ de réduction grâce au code suivant : NJ7B3VBW
Je tiens à préciser que je ne suis pas rémunéré pour cela, c’est juste un geste pour vous, lectrices et lecteurs, en ce début d’année. Je remercie Jos Steutelings pour avoir accepté de vous faire bénéficier de cet avantage.
Vous trouverez ci-dessous les détails de l’évènement (en anglais), et si vous voulez vous y inscrire, voici le lien :

Benelux Online Print Event Flex - #BOPE21

Organized by VIGC and powered by Four Pees
February 9, 10 and 11
Virtual On Demand Event
The Benelux Online Print Event (#BOPE21) is an initiative from the Belgian (Europe) based VIGC (Innovation Center for Graphic Communication). The initiative was born 6 years ago from within a regional subsidized project At that time web-to-print was already known, as some major players targeted the market with open print webshops. International Vistaprint was the most important player. Closed (mostly b2b) webshops were on the rise. As an innovation center VIGC saw that only a few big and mostly international players were engaging in this - at that time - very interesting but largely unexplored niche market. VIGC believed that with the boom of smartphones, tablets and actually the whole digitization (Millennials), more innovation and creativity from the graphic arts industry was needed to play a more significant role when selling print products through the internet and to broaden web-to-print markets. A regional perspective could certainly offer opportunities. Between 2015 and 2017 VIGC organized 6 smaller web-to-print events across Belgium with every time 50 till 100 participants. They could engage about this topic with first class industry speakers all over Europe. When the subsidized project ended, it was obvious that this topic deserved continued attention. The Benelux Online Print Event (BOPE) was born!

Purpose of BOPE

With the Benelux Online Print Event, VIGC expanded their work area from Belgium to the Netherlands, Luxembourg (Benelux market) and across Europe. Because many different languages are spoken in Europe, it soon became clear that we should market BOPE as an English spoken event. This year’s event will be our third big edition. We had to skip the 2020 edition because of well known reasons. In 2018 and 2019 we had successful events in Brussels (Atomium, Belgian national monument) and Antwerp (Antwerp ZOO) with 150 participants from all over Europe.

BOPE21 – the FLEX edition

The second week of February 2021 we will organize a virtual event that we call the BOPE Flex event because you can choose as a participant when you want to watch our show! We’ll pre-record 8 international speakers from Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany which will be edit by a professional video crew. To make everything manageable for the attendees, we will assemble 3 shows of approximately 1.5 hours each. Tightly directed and smoothly mounted based on valuable national and international content. We want to distinguish ourselves clearly from the many - often of poor quality - ZOOM sessions. The VIGC staff will provide the announcements of the speakers and the VIGC partners will share relevant short messages between the sessions. On 9, 10 and 11 february at 9 am the shows will be released. Three shows in total! All ingredients will be available to start the year in a positive atmosphere via the Benelux Online Print Event. This year’s theme is The Online Print Generation and is not only a reference to the new generation of graphic entrepreneurs who have clearly signed up to Online Print, but also the accelerated adoption of e-commerce by the Covid crisis among end users. The goal is to inspire print professionals! To point out to more obvious and also less obvious Online Print related technologies, innovations and business cases. We want to share inspiration and knowledge about Online Print products and services. How can we benefit from the digitization among our customers? How can we turn threats into opportunities? We want to bring broad and inspiring stories, look beyond all kind of borders and point out the possibilities of Online Print. That’s one of the reasons we renamed web-to-print to Online Print.

Our 2021 line-up

At every VIGC event we also think out of the box. That’s why we always invite at least one speaker from outside of our industry. This year we will look at China with a keynote by China connoisseur Pascal Coppens. He is a China expert and author of the book ‘China’s New Normal’. His keynote will offer clear insights about the modern, innovative China of today. While our Western world is discovering a ‘new normal’, China’s New Normal has been in motion since 2013, poised to become the global leader of innovation by 2030. This eye-opening keynote about China is an inspiration for anyone who is concerned with disruption and the future.
But of course our focus will be the graphic arts industry! The well known German industry expert Bernd Zipper will talk about the fact that everything is speeding up: time, internet, trade, pandemics - what impact does Covid-19 have on the online print industry? Which trends are accelerating? Which are slowing down? Bernd Zipper and his team have thought about this and will present their view at BOPE FLEX. And as always, Zipper is disruptive, humorous, trend-setting and this time virtually at the side of the BOPE21 participants.
Belgian based KAN Design & Brand management has been around for 30 years, serving a wide variety of B2B companies and brands with brand management, development and marketing solutions. 7 years after implementing an online editor (CHILI publisher), the company develops on average +25 000 documents per year with the online editor via their Kadanza platform. 7 people out of 20 employees in total work with the online editor full-time. Nico Potvin, partner at KAN Design will talk about Digital brand transformation through smart templating. Potvin states: "Brands are all about innovation and consistency. A successful business is too. The integration of an editor as CHILI publisher really opened up new opportunities for us. And markets. Our team has grown, we opened up an office in New York, a partnership in Zurich and keep on developing new solutions to help our customers with their brand management.”
Haico Meijerink from globally active Cimpress is CEO of (the Netherlands) and (Belgium). Twenty-five years ago, the company we now call Cimpress got its start in the spare bedroom of a Paris apartment. Today, Cimpress spans more than a dozen businesses and operates across more than twenty countries. Cimpress makes it easy and affordable for customers to express themselves in physical form – for their customers, organization or loved ones. Cimpress combines the individual personalization customers desire with the tangible impact of physical products. They invests in and builds customer-focused, entrepreneurial, mass customization businesses for the long term, which they strive to manage in a decentralized, autonomous manner. Haico will talk about: ‘The world of print out of your pocket, online print is the growth engine for print.’ Belgian based INNI Group exists over 130 years and has 135 employees. It’s a versatile company with focus on print, ticketing, security print, data and publishing.
Peter Vanhove represents the Data Business Unit from INNI Group which is specialized in closed (b2b) web-to-print solutions and Marketing Automation. As a strategy consultant Peter leads the INNI Okapi project. He will share the story of a traditional Belgian printer who uses a closed online print platform based on advanced automation to target existing and new markets. The Spreadgroup is founded in Germany and all about empowering self-expression. It’s a collection of digital brands empowering customers and businesses to express themselves with print-on-demand products they can use, wear and carry. They are the world’s leader in on-demand printing of clothing and accessories. The Spread Group is home to multiple global brands, has factories and offices across the world, and employs over 900 people from more than 40 countries with annual revenues of over €130 million. We managed to convince none other than CEO Philip Rooke who brought the company from a start-up endeavor to a highly-profitable enterprise to talk about the evolution and future trends of print on demand in the textile business. Appification of print offers many possibilities. Everything is digital nowadays. On the other hand you see an increasing need for real contact and tactility. Even Millennials crave authenticity.
Founder and CEO of Oliver Kray grew up in Berlin (Germany) surrounded by graffiti, artists and a vibrant community of creatives in general. As a tech entrepreneur he started his today’s business where he could link his interests in design and business and combine the virtual and the real world. A physical product, created in a virtual sphere – accessible to everyone, everywhere at any time. A way to bring joy to people all over the globe and – most importantly – give them the opportunity to make a true connection in a modern world, that seemed to make everyone feel more detached than ever before. How can you connect digital devices and content with print products? What defines the success of his idea? What are his lessons learned? Oliver will share his remarkable story by telling us all about the appification of print through personalized postcards.
There is no need to introduce HP Indigo. They’ve been a valued strategic partner of VIGC for many years. Johan Steylaerts from the Belgian Offices has 30 years of experience in LFP markets and since 2017 as account manager at HP Indigo. He really is a good storyteller who can explain complex matters in a simple way. Johan has proven several times that he can bring a neutral story in an independent and professional way based on the knowledge and insights of HP and his experience. He will tell an inspiring story about eCommerce & Automation.
The content BOPE FLEX will bring on the virtual stage is in English and therefore worthwhile sharing with the global print community. That’s the reason why we as VIGC asked several print enthusiasts around the world to spread the word and promote BOPE FLEX. We’d love to inspire you and hope to digital meet in February!