ADAM Creative Suite Connector 3.0 released, integrating DAM into Adobe®’s design tools

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"ADAM Creative Suite Connector 3.0 has been released, bringing deep integration of ADAM Software’s industry-leading enterprise Digital Asset Management (DAM) with Adobe® Creative Suite®. It’s the first product to market that integrates completely with Adobe Creative Suite 5.5.

GHENT, February 28th, 2012 - ADAM Software today released Creative Suite Connector 3.0, a first-to-market tool that integrates the ADAM Platform’s powerful DAM capabilities right into the heart of Adobe® Creative Suite® 5.0/5.5 workstations.

With Creative Suite Connector 3.0, users of Adobe®’s design tools no longer need to leave the comfort zone of the tools they know best in order to exploit the power of ADAM’s DAM system. All the tools users need are available within the Creative Suite interface, including powerful searching and creation of assets in ADAM, check-in/check-out of assets, ADAM Custom Properties, and even triggering ADAM Workflows.

“Creative Suite Connector 3.0 was created to make ADAM-controlled assets directly available to Adobe CS users,” says Petra Tant, Product Manager at ADAM Software. “We wanted to ensure a transparent integration of ADAM with Creative Suite that would deliver a low learning curve for end users without compromising on the tools available. Creative Suite Connector 3.0 delivers on this goal. It’s easy to adopt, Mac and PC compatible, and has all the tools that users will need to use ADAM without leaving Creative Suite.”

Key features of Creative Suite Connector 3.0 include:
  • Access to ADAM-stored assets from directly within Adobe Creative Suite
  • Based on Adobe Drive 3.0.1 it supports Creative Suite 5.0 and 5.5
  • Kick off ADAM Workflows from within Creative Suite applications
  • Request approvals or progress in a Workflow from directly within Adobe Creative Suite
  • Seamless integration with Adobe Bridge®, Mac® OSX Finder and Windows® Explorer
  • Asset check-in and check-out for safe collaboration
  • Support for adding and updating ADAM metadata fields in any Creative Suite application
  • Full text and complex metadata searching
  • Search and categorize according to custom fields designated in ADAM
  • Automatic previews, even for file formats not supported by Adobe Creative Suite
  • Drag and drop to upload or download assets from the workstation to ADAM
  • View ADAM metadata in the Bridge Inspector Panel while taking full advantage of ADAM’s metadata management capabilities
  • Robust, enterprise-level security model and support for Active Directory authentication
Creative Suite Connector 3.0 also brings measurable performance gains thanks to ADAM optimizations for Adobe Drive 3.0.1.

With ADAM Creative Suite Connector 3.0, working with the advanced DAM capabilities of the ADAM platform is now available from every creative’s workstation."

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