ADAM SharePoint Connector 3.0 provides access to ADAM digital assets through Microsoft SharePoint 2010

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ADAM Software today announced ADAM SharePoint Connector 3.0, an innovative enterprise technology that allows users of Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010 to consult all their digital assets stored in ADAM through a user-friendly web service.

GHENT, February 7th, 2012 - ADAM Software today announced ADAM SharePoint Connector 3.0, an innovative, enterprise technology that closes the gap between Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and the ADAM Platform. SharePoint Connector 3.0 allows users to access ADAM-stored assets while working from within the familiar interface of SharePoint 2010.

SharePoint Connector 3.0 overcomes the complexity of running separate, parallel DAM and SharePoint installs. SharePoint 2010 users who need to access marketing-style, complex file types – high-resolution graphics, video flavors, Adobe® Creative Suite® documents, Flash, print-ready PDFs, 3D, etc. – stored in ADAM, can now do so directly from their common work environment.

“With SharePoint Connector 3.0, we wanted to bring the power of ADAM to SharePoint users without requiring them to leave their familiar workspace ,” says Petra Tant, Product Manager at ADAM Software. “The goal was a technology that could unlock the use of marketing assets within the common work environment of many users based on SharePoint.”

With global enterprises increasingly dependent on marketing and communications to add value to their brands, digital assets are becoming a prominent element in office workers’ day-to-day activity. SharePoint Connector 3.0 replaces the complexity involved in using parallel workspaces for SharePoint and DAM with a simpler, more intuitive solution.

Highlights of SharePoint Connector 3.0 include:
  • Seamless integration into Microsoft SharePoint allows users work within their comfort zone, ensuring rapid, easy adoption.
  • Integration means it is dramatically easier to manage than parallel workspaces for office-oriented and marketing-oriented assets.
  • SharePoint Connector’s easy-to-use tools save time and money on training and restructuring when Microsoft Office-environment workers start to use ADAM.
  • As working with marketing and media assets becomes a more common part of day-to-day office work for global enterprises, fast and easy-to-use access to these assets will improve productivity and consistency.
  • Advanced security options mean your digital assets are only ever viewed or modified by the people who are given access – ensuring better control and a safer way of granting access to valuable brand collateral.
  • Strong DRM streamlines and controls how copyrighted assets are used.
  • Supports multi-lingual, multi-culture environments.
  • Built on Microsoft .NET, providing enterprise reliability and scalability at core, ensuring your investment now and into the future.
ADAM Software is a global innovator in marketing and media technologies. Our solutions like SharePoint Connector 3.0 are at the core of our drive to help enterprise-level organizations respond to the rapidly evolving needs of marketing and communications in a global, multi-channel world.

Visit the ADAM SharePoint 3.0 page to read more and download the product sheet.

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